Lip Augmentation - Dermal Fat Grafts

Do you feel you have small lips that disappear or no lips at all? Lip Augmentation may be the perfect procedure for you. There are different techniques and products that can be used in today’s market to create fullness in the lips. Dr. Simmonds offers a permanent method of enhancing your lips by using dermal fat grafts from your own body. No foreign products or temporary products such as collagen are used.
The dermal fat graft procedure offered by Dr. Simmonds involves excising an area on the lower abdomen or from an area with an existing scar, of skin dermis and fat. The incisions are made in the corners of the mouth and are about 3 – 4 millimeters in length.  The grafted dermis and fat is then threaded into the upper and lower lips through these incisions. 

The lips will appear very large for 2 – 3 weeks due to the swelling that occurs. This procedure is usually done under general anesthesia at an outpatient surgical facility. It typically takes about one to one and one half hours for both lips. 

Carefully following Dr. Simmonds instructions, before and after Surgery, minimizes surgical risks. If you want fuller more voluptuous lips, that last this procedure may be right for you.

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