Brachioplasty - Upper Arm Lifts

If the excess skin on your upper arms keeps you from wearing your favorite clothes, consider an arm lift to restore the youthful contour to your arm.  This procedure is ideal for those patients that have recently lost a great deal of weight and have sagging arm skin or due to the natural aging process,  have lost  skin elasticity.

Brachioplasty, or upper arm lift, is a procedure that removes excess skin to tighten and tone the appearance of your upper arm. The incision are made on the under side of the arms. The location and length of the incisions will vary depending on the amount of skin needed to be removed, and will be determined at the time of your evaluation with Dr. Simmonds. The incision may be  small and conceal in the armpit or extend from the armpit to the elbow to remove the maximum amount of skin.

For those patients that have an excess of fat on the arms, it may benefit to combine this procedure along with liposuction for the best results.    The procedure is performed at an outpatient surgical facility.  The arms will be bandaged and pain medication given to ease your discomfort in the first few days of surgery. 

As with any surgery, Dr. Simmonds will review the risks and benefits of the procedure. Carefully following Dr. Simmonds, before and after instructions, will help you get the best result possible.

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